February 28, 2016

A dog's grooming career starts as soon as he or she is born.  Moments after birth, momma licks and cleans her pups.  This process stimulates their breathing and blood flow.  Mom is also releasing hormones that produce a very calming effect.  She continues licking and cleaning them as they get older.  She is teaching her pups many things in the process.  Most importantly, she is teaching them that being groomed is a very pleasurable experience! THAT is the impression you want to keep going for your baby.


How do I prepare my pup? What can I do at home?  There a lot of things you can do to begin preparing for the grooms.  Gently and lovingly rub its face and nose often.  As well as rubbing and handling it’s feet gently and lovingly.  These are two areas that seem to be a challenge for many dogs because they are not used to it.  Do NOT play rough with your puppy.  Don’t tease it by pulling on it’s feet or grabbing its cheeks...

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