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Our Services

Squeaky Clean Bath

Includes: Bath, Nail Trim, Ears Cleaned, Blow Out/Fluff Dry, 15 Min Brush Out/ De-shed, Anal sac expression on sm/med breeds 

Bath and Trim

Freshen Up Fluff & Puff: Squeaky Clean Bath Plus Neaten Trim

Includes: All of the Above PLUS: Ear Plucking (if needed) Sanitary Trim, Trim Up Paw Pads, Corners of the eyes, Bangs and just a  General Neaten up


Includes:  Includes Squeaky Clean Bath, Freshen Up Fluff & Puff, PLUS a Full/ Styled Haircut

Deluxe Haircut: Includes Squeaky Clean Bath, Freshen Up Fluff & Puff, and Full, Specialty Handscissored Haircut


Upgrades & Add Ons:

Facial $10

Nail Buffing $5-$10 extra

Nail caps $30 (Includes Nail Trimming)

Tooth Brushing $10

Feathers $5 first one $2.50 each additional



Al-a-Cart Serivces: These services are stand alone and do not include a bath.

Nail Trim $10 Sm Dogs & Cats  $10-$15 Large Add Nail Buffing for an additional $5.00

Ear Cleaning $7 Ear Cleaning and Plucking $15

Anal Sac Expression $10-$20


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