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Salon Policies

This page will be updated and added to over time as needed.  Please check back often for updates.


* All pets must be leashed or in carriers whenever entering or exiting the salon.  This is to ensure their safety and the safety of others.


* Please exercise your dog before you bring it to your appointment so that it can  wear off excessive energy and do its business, therefore be more comfortable for its appointment.  If you must walk your pet before entering the salon, please be courteous and pick up its waste.  It is important to us to be environmentally clean and to be good neighbors.


* Proof of current vaccines must be presented with each grooming before pets can be accepted into the salon. Puppies must have two (2) sets of shots before they can be accepted for grooming services.


* Any pets that exibit signs of illness must be cleared by their veternarian for grooming services before they can be accepted.


* Cats have their own special grooming quarters within our salon.  This is to help them remain as calm and relaxed as possible.  Most cats are not used to dogs and the smells and noises that come with them.  To ensure they enjoy their grooming experience, it was important to us to give them their own private suite.*** Sept 2019 UPDATE: At this time, we are not grooming cats.  We apologize for any inconveneince.


* Pets must be picked up within an hour of being finished UNLESS prior arrangements have been made.  Pets not picked up in a timely manner without prior arrangements being made will incur additional charges. 


* Staff ONLY is permitted in our workspace.  This is for the safety of the pets in our care, our staff, and YOU!  You can be bitten, a groomer can be bitten, or a pet could be injured if a groomer is working and someone comes walking by and somehow frighten/spooks or otherwise "sets off" a pet.  Some pets in our care don't like men.  Some don't like women.  Some don't like hats.  Some don't like other pets and must be groomed in an isolated area.  We do our best to ensure a pleasurable experience for ALL of the pets in our care.  It is in everyone's best interest that ONLY staff is permitted in our work area while we are working.  


* 12-1-17 Update: We can not accommodate walk ins at this time.  Feel free to call and see if we have anything open due to a rare, last minute cancellation.  We will do our best to accommodate you and your pet.  However, we HIGHLY RECCOMMEND that you make an appointment if we cannot fit you in.  


* If a pet has fleas, we will automatically give it a flea bath and additional charges WILL apply.  If this happens, we will let you know so that you can treat your pet's environment before you pick him or her up.  


* If your veternarian prescribes a special shampoo for your pet, Bring it along!  We will certainly use that on your pet during the grooming.  We just ask that it be CLEARLY LABELLED with your pet's full name- including your last name, and any instructions/directions.


* We do NOT sedate or tranquilize pets! We WILL NOT WORK ON A TRANQUILIZED PET!  We firmly believe that any pet that must be sedated or tranquilized NEEDS to be closely monitored by a veternarian due to the fact that unexpected side effects can arise.  If your pet must be sedated or tranquilized, we implore you, PLEASE have it groomed at a veternarian's office.


* We do not routinely muzzle pets.  There are times when a muzzle is necessary for the protection of the groomer; however, we do everything possible before we go to that extreme.  A muzzle can sometimes be frightening to a dog and one that is already a little nervous might stress out further.


*  There will be extra charges for excessive matting, difficult, hard to handle, aggressive, or unruly pets. 


*  We reserve the right to refuse difficult, hard to handle, or aggressive pets.



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